What to Expect

Upon setting foot in SIMG’s relaxing conference area, you can expect to find a place where you will be greeted and treated like someone who matters.  Your voice will be heard and all facts will be shared as the mediation progresses.

A typical mediation would include:

A “meet and greet” with your SIMG mediator which allows you to introduce yourself and identifies the role of the mediator during the mediation process.

A brief discussion to familiarize all parties with the mediation process, while outlining rules of the negotiations.

The mediator will identify key issues and clarify any other questionable information and/or evidence presented as he or she goes between the parties.

The mediator will facilitate productive ideas and proposals while looking for points of agreement.

The mediator will compile all knowledge of the facts, feelings, hopes, and goals of the parties and propose an oral agreement which, upon, everyone giving approval will be put into writing and submitted to the court as a “Mediation Agreement”.

The necessity of court will be eliminated.