Domestic and Family Mediation

The Family Law Issues of SIMG serves those who wish to find common ground in the matters of family law.  Many family law cases end up in conflict and uncertainty.  Family disputes are among the most commonly litigated matters in the court system stemming from divorce, custody, parenting time, paternity, and several other sensitive areas.  In the end, when a case is contested and goes through the court system, typically one party or another feels broken or cheated.  SIMG offers an alternative to the court system by mediating the sensitive areas of family law cases and recognizing the dynamics of how family issues can be resolved through agreement, reason, empathy, and mutual respect for difference that are brought forth.  SIMG mediators bring all facts to the forefront and eliminate the stress and anxiety of the unknown.  SIMG strives to eliminate the unnecessary cost, time, and emotional toll on the parties.  SIMG has the best interest of all parties and seeks to grasp input from all parties and formulates a conclusion that serves the interest of all, turning sensitive areas, hard feelings, and animosity into a “win-win” where common ground is found.

SIMG mediators have vast experience in family law cases to know exactly how to navigate the obstacles that present themselves and often can predict behaviors that accompany divorce, custody, and other family law matters.  SIMG mediators are committed to resolving all matters within a case and will not stop until a resolution or proposed resolution is reached.  The mediators at SIMG will not stop with their efforts until the parties advise them to.  Their time is 100% dedicated to a result.

SIMG family law disputes may include any of the following:

  • Divorce – division of marital assets and liabilities
  • Child Support, medical coverage and expenses
  • Child Custody Issues
  • Parenting Time
  • Paternity
  • Private and Step-Parent Adoption
  • Adult and Minor Guardianship
  • Grandparent’s Rights
  • Elder Law

SIMG welcomes any and all types of family law disputes.   We will focus on the individual needs of each case and fine-tune the needs of each party.