Civil Mediation

SIMG is dedicated to serving your civil mediation needs. SIMG is southeastern Indiana’s home to an experienced group of mediators who bring extensive knowledge of the civil litigation process and apply it to the dispute resolution process.

Parties seeking to resolve a civil suit without the hassle, expense, and stress of the courtroom can trust SIMG to take a methodical approach to the needs of each party. Each case is given the fair, unbiased attention it deserves and the parties are led to resolution where they agree or agree to disagree. In any event, the case remains in the hands of the parties.

In the event the parties agree, SIMG will continue to facilitate the resolution from start to finish by a submitting a mediation agreement to the parties and ultimately to the court.

In the event the parties are not agreeable, a second mediation is scheduled at a later date and time. The Mediator then continues to resolve the case by gathering additional information and evidence on the issues in dispute and preparing the parties for the next mediation.

In cases where a settlement has been agreed upon with regard to damages, a pre-suit mediation may prove to be a valuable option saving the parties time and money, not to mention expediting the overall resolution of the case.

In cases where pre-suit mediation is utilized, SIMG mediators neutralize the disputants and start from square one giving the parties a fair chance to present their case with no undue influence. The facts are brought to the table as well as proposed resolutions and remedies to avoid litigation. However, if the case proceeds to court, SIMG mediators serve as resources to either attempt to mediate again or give a narrative on the remaining contested issues of a particular case. SIMG mediators can be very helpful in moving a case along to its conclusion.

Civil case types mediated include but are not limited to:

  • Government
  • Auto Accident
  • Civil Rights
  • Contract Disputes
  • Probate
  • Commercial
  • Product Liability
  • Employment
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Business
  • Malpractice
  • Probate
  • Commercial